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Are you a parent concerned about your child?

Anger, Anxiety and Depression destroy all areas of life. 

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ALL adults who suffer from anxiety and depression blame their emotional instability on childhood upbringing.


Every 40 seconds someone is trying to kill themselves on this planet. Suicide is the second cause of death for young adults.

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Without understanding relationships, a young adult will find it hard to find the right partner and maintain the relationships which can lead to heartbreak.

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Every illness and disease is linked to emotional and mental STRESS and the recovery also depends on the emotional and mental balance of the individual.

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When doubting yourself emotionally and mentally, it's hard to find a passionate and thriving career especially for a young adult.

What Makes Us Unique …

Ana Lennyr has being through all these difficulties as a teenager herself with a suicide attempt at age 19 and she HAD a child with many of the same issues, but not anymore.

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Understanding and transforming your relationship with your teenager.

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Discovering the skills & strategies that will make your child happy and successful in life.


Guiding your young adult to never get trapped in heartbreak, anxiety or depression.

Join TRUE SECRETS OF LIFE PARENT ACADEMY where ANA LENNYR will show you how to be a loved, respected and considered a role model by your young adult.

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