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The Easiest Way to End Anxiety

Everything You Want Is On The Other Side Of Fear

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Anxiety can be extremely debilitating and it can strike without notice. 60% of the population in developed countries show at least 1 type of anxiety.

From social anxiety to fear of driving, from fear of dying to claustrophobia, anxiety is related to the fear of rejection, abandonment and the need of control.

Ana Lennyr presents an unique perspectives of how we can shut down anxiety temporary or permanent .

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The audience will discover how to:

–  identify where their anxiety is coming from 

– understand the connection between anxiety and depression

– react to someone who they feel they have anxiety



The audience will be able to:

understand why anxiety occurs

– take the appropriate action when they feel someone is anxious

– recognize an anxious person without getting anxious themselves


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Ana Lennyr has undergone from social anxiety to fear of driving, but NOT anymore.

Ana Lennyr was afraid of everything and everyone, a defense mechanism she build to control her survival. It got so bad that she was afraid to push buttons on the computer or to wish for anything in her life. She spend 27 years of her life in the fear of dying, ejection and abandonment.

Everything has changed when she realized she was dying from within every day and her fears kept her away from living a True Life.

Now she teaches teens and adults temporary and permanent skills and strategies to end anxiety.