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The Secret Answer to Why Do We Suffer?

Talk & Workshop

Let’s STOP Suffering. Let’s START Living!

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Many people are trying to understand depression so they can overcome it, nevertheless, depression is taking over our world today.

The churches and religious organizations encounter today 2 categories of people:

1. Who are flocking to the church for help;

2. They are leaving the church because they believe God is not helping them.

It is our responsibility not only to resolve this problem but not to leave behind a world with this kind of problem to our children.

Ana Lennyr presents a unique and truthful perspective from someone who is guiding teens and adults out of this condition not only with faith but with practical strategies and actions.








The audience will discover how to:

–  make the difference between situational and generational depression

– understand the connection between heartbreak, anxiety, and depression

– react to someone who they feel they are depressed


The audience will be able to:

understand why depression occurs and wants God wants from them

– take the appropriate action when they feel someone is depressed

– recognize pain and not take it upon them

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Ana Lennyr has suffered from depression for 27 years of her life but not anymore.

Ana Lennyr was born in a single mother family in Europe and she was very conflicted as a child because of the abandonment by her father and because her mom was an alcoholic.  At the age of 19 she had a suicidal attempt after which she got a degree in psychology.

Nothing worked out for her and she lived depressed through her mother’s death, her pregnancy and 2 divorces. At age 38 she decided that her generational depression should NOT hurt her son.

She never understood what god wanted from her until she didn’t overcome depression. Then she got it! God wanted all along for her to be happy, not to be trapped in the mistakes of the past.

Today she is teaching the strategies and skills any child and adult should know to prevent or overcome depression exactly how she succeeded to do it in a matter of months. She shows what actions need to be taken in addition to faith, so we can have a happy and thriving society.


Ana Lennyr is  Greek Orthodox but she served many denominations.

She is not attending church talks/workshops to pray but TO TEACH THE RIGHT STRATEGIES TO GET TEENS & ADULTS OUT OF SUFFERING.