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3 Secret Steps To Heal From Heartbreak


Discover How You Can Heal From Heartbreak in 2 Months and NEVER Suffer Again

Ana Lennyr

Everyone wants True Love and they believe it’s a matter of luck when it’s a matter of strategy. YES, STRATEGY.

Ana explains the 3 secrets anyone should know to heal from heartbreak;  misconceptions about love; the 4 men & women archetypes; and the codependency trap.

Do you want your audience to never suffer from heartbreak, know who they should marry, and have amazing family relationships? This talk will change lives!






EX Love

The audience will discover how to:

–  the 3 steps to heal from heartbreak

– identify misconceptions about love and relationships

– use the right strategy to never fall into relationship traps



The audience will be able to:

understand themselves and what partner they want in the future

– take the appropriate actions to never suffer from heartbreak again

– recognize the negative emotions which can sabotage a relationship from the start


How long it takes to heal from heartbreak

Ana Lennyr had no relationship skills until the age of 38 when these secrets changed her life.

We live in a world where many hurt people come into our lives and they hurt us too.

Ana Lennyr spend 9 years of her life with a narcissist and 7 years with a verbally abusive husband until she discovered that she choose to hurt people in her life based on misinformation and misconceptions.

Ana Lennyr teaches today how to heal from a heartbreak and how to find the right partner as it is crucial to being happy and never ending up depressed.