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Truly Understanding Your Young Adult Behavior

Talk & Workshop

Let’s Make Parenting Easy & Efficient! 

Teaching Our Children To Be Happy & Successful

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Make parenting easy with simple strategies!

Today, many of our children exhibit signs of anxiety, depression, and anger, or just simple disobedience and disrespect for their parents.

Every negative behavior a young adult displays mean something and it is a cry for help.

Ana Lennyr will break down all negative behaviors a teen can exhibit and will show the exact strategies for how to fix them.

We can’t have happy and successful young adults if we let them slip into negative emotions.

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The audience will discover how to:

–  identify where the negative behavior of a teen comes from

– understand what the young adults are trying to tell us

– react when negative behaviors occur


How to get over heartbreak

The audience will be able to:

understand why the child is expressing these behaviors

–  bond with them and change the behavior

– become a role model for their children.



Ana Lennyr has discovered that her son was feeling defeated, lost, depressed and angry at age 8.

Ana Lennyr has suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts for 27 years of her life. When she realized that her child might follow the same path, she took responsibility and change her entire family life in 7 months.

The decisions we, as parents, make for our children can change the direction of their lives forever.

Ana Lennyr is very passionate about sharing effective strategies for understanding our young adults and making sure they are happy and successful.