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One Realization Can Change One’s Life Forever

Let’s STOP Suffering & Let’s START Living !

Speaking Topics

How long it takes to heal from heartbreak


Everyone wants True Love and they believe it’s a matter of luck, when it’s actually a matter of strategy. YES, STRATEGY.
Ana explains the 3 secrets anyone should know when looking for a relationship: misconceptions about love; the 4 men & women archetypes; and the codependency trap.
Do you want your audience to never suffer from heartbreak, know who they should marry and have amazing family relationships? This talk/ workshop will change lives!


Make parenting easy with simple strategies!
Today, many our children exhibit signs anxiety, depression and anger, or just simple dis-obedience and dis-respect for the parents.
Every negative behavior a young adult displays means something and it is a cry for help.
Ana Lennyr will break down all negative behaviors a teen can exhibit and will show the exact strategies how to fix it.
We can’t have happy and successful young adults if we let them slip in negative emotions.
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How to Overcome ANY CHALLENE in Life

Many people are trying to understand depression so they can overcome it, nevertheless, depression is taking over our world today.
The churches and religious organizations encounter today 2 categories of people:
1. Who are flocking to the church for help;
2. Who are leaving the church because they believe God isn’t helping them.
It is our responsibility not only to resolve this problem but not to leave behind a world with these kinds of problems for our children.
Ana Lennyr presents a unique and truthful perspective from someone who is guiding teens and adults out of this condition not only with faith but with practical strategies and actions.